sharda (180481) Self Help Group

District Block GP Village
Formation Date Bank Branch A/c Opening Date
2018-04-20 BUPGB Uttarpara 50500100018388
SB A/c No. CCL Date CCL A/c No. CCL Sanctioned Amount
50500100018388 2018-12-21 50500500002403 500000
Income/Expenditure 2002-1-01 To 2021-04-21
Income Expenditure
Head Amount (In Rupees) Head Amount (In Rupees)
Members Saving 35,200.00 Book keeping fee 200.00
Institutional / Resource Fee 0.00 Stationary 0.00
Interest earned from savings in SB A/c 1,282.00 Meetings
Interest earned from interloaning(SB) 0.00 Travel 0.00
Interest Earned from CCL Loan 1,100.00 Subscription 0.00
Interest Earned from CIF Loan 0.00
Fine 0.00 Interest deposited in CCL A/c 0.00
Other Income 6,026.00 Bank Charges (Saving) 192.00
Other Contribution 0.00 Bank Charges (CCL) 0.00
Other Expenses 0.00
Excess of Income over Expenditure 42,116.00
Total 42,508.00 Total 42,508.00
Receipt Payment
Head Amount (In Rupees) Head Amount (In Rupees)
Members Saving Loan given in SHG
 Opening Cash in hand 0  Saving 1,000.00
 Saving from Members 35,200.00  CCL 68,000.00
 CIF 0.00
Fine 0.00 Interest Paid
Other Contribution 0.00  in CCL 0.00
Amount Withdrawl  in CIF 0.00
 From CCL Account 56,000.00 Principal Paid
 From CIF Account 0.00  in CCL 0.00
Loan Return (Principal)  in CIF Account 0.00
 To Saving 0.00 Bank Charges 192.00
 To CCL 0.00 Other Expenses 200.00
 To CIF 0.00 Paid towards VO Contribution 1,650.00
Interest received on Loan Paid towards BO Contribution 1,991.00
 To Saving 0.00 Closing Cash in Hand 14,429.00
 To CCL 1,100.00 Closing Bank Balance 16,023.00
 To CIF 0.00
Bank Interest 1,282.00
Other Income 6,026.00
Other receipts (RF etc.) 0.00
VO Contribution from Members 1,694.00
BO Contribution from Members 1,991.00
Total 103,293.00 Total 103,293.00
Liabilities Assets
Head Amount (In Rupees) Head Amount (In Rupees)
Long Term Liabilities Current Assets
Members Saving 35,200 Principal loan outstanding with members
Current Liabilities  -From Saving N/A
Principal loan outstanding with bank  -From CCL N/A
 -From CCL N/A  -From CIF N/A
 -From CIF N/A Interest on Loan amount outstanding with members
Interest on Loan amount outstanding with bank  -From Savings N/A
 -From CCL N/A  -From CCL N/A
 -From CIF N/A  -From CIF N/A
Revolving Fund 0.00 Bank Balance 16,023.00
Accumulated Reserves - Cash-in-Hand N/A
Total Total